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4 days tour from TANGIER to FES through RABAT

Day 1: Tangier – Asilah – Rabat

Greeting you either at the airport or at your accommodation and begin our journey in Tangier, which is nicknamed the gateway to Africa. Here we will visit the Grand Mosque that built in the 5th century as a Roman temple. Also we shall visit the American legation museum, which will transports you to a different time and has an array of engaging exhibitions, including one on Paul Bowles and a locally famous painting often termed the ‘Moroccan Mona Lisa’. Moreover, we will visit the Cave of Hercules that has two openings, one to sea and one to land. The sea opening is known as ‘The Map of Africa’. Afterwards, we follow our way to Rabat through Asilah, which is one of the ramparts that were built in the 15th century under the control of the Portuguese. On arrival to Rabat, we will spend the night in a Moroccan traditional Raid.

Day 2: Rabat – Meknes – Volubilis – Fes

After breakfast in our Raid, we will start our day by visiting the historical sites in the city. We will not only visit the Hassan Tower that built in 12th century by Yaqub al-Mansour but he died before the building was completed and work was abandoned; in 1755, the earthquake that shook Lisbon made its impact here as well causing a lot of damage. But also, we will visit the Kasbah of the Udayas that is referred to as the mini-blue city; it was built in 11th century and has been inhabited since then. Later on, we will continue our tour to Fes through Meknes, one of the four former imperial cities. Here we will visit both of the huge gate Bab Mansour ‘which is known for its incredible architecture and created with materials gathered from other Moroccan monuments and places such us Roman ruins of Volubilis and El Badi Palace in Marrakesh’, Swani Tank ‘which was used during the reign of Sultan Moulay Ismail in order to provide houses, gardens, animals, hammams with water’ and Royal Stables ‘ that was used by Sultan Moulay Ismail who was known for his love and admiration for horses to keep his 12000 horses and he treated them better than even his prized harem’. After lunch, we will make our way to Vulobilis that was established before the Christian era, it has been inhabited by different tribes beside Romans, there were also Berbers, Jews and then destroyed in the eighth century. In the end of the day, we will be in Fes where we will spend the night in a Raid inside the oldest Medina in the world.

Day 3: Fes Sightseeing  

Your city guide will meet you at your accommodation in the morning and you will start your tour in the Medina of Fes. Fes is the oldest city in the kingdom and its medina ‘car-free areas’ is built in 8th century by Idriss First. You will explore the historical sites of the Medina with your professional guide. You will have a walk along a thousand of narrow streets in the medina; make a visit to the oldest tannery of 11th century, dye workshop, ancient schools and the oldest university of the villagers of 8th century. When you are done with your tour, you will make your way back to your Raid. We will spend the night in the Raid.

Day 4: Fes – Chefchaouen – Tangier

Transfer to Tangier through Chefchaouen, nicknamed the blue pearl of Morocco. It is well-known with its gorgeous blue alleyways and blue-washed buildings. Here we will have enough time to roam along the streets of this small town and explore its attractive blue buildings. After lunch, we will continue to Tangier through the Rif Mountains and we shall arrive at the early evening. We will make sure to drop you off either at Airport of your Raid.

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4 days tour from TANGIER to FES through RABAT


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